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At Stockland Easter Market this Saturday 25th March

ORDERS PLEASE - Pop up Pub/Fish'n'Chips - This Saturday 25th March

Stockland Easter Market - Saturday 25th March

Stockland Community Pub Ltd

The SCPL Management Committee are ....

26th March - Mother's Day

Oil Price in the News

Crude oil has dropped in price....

Coffee Concert

WEDNESDAY 26th APRIL at 10.30am........


SATURDAY 22nd APRIL at 8pm The Tuckers Jazz Club....

Parish Council Calendar

Sweet Chestnut Blight alert - updated



LBT Exercise Classes

Devon County Council Elections - Voter Registration Deadline

Stockland Theatre Review

'Here I Belong'
A play by Matt Hartley
Pentabus Theatre: Stockland Village Hall

Woody Pines at Stockland Village Hall - Wednesday 12th April 2017

"Open My Eyes" by Alice Allan

For those that might remember me in Stockland, I'm Alice Allan (was Alice Hackett, daughter of Joe and Jenny).....

100 Club

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Thinking of buying heating oil?
Here are two graphs worth keeping an eye on. The trend in the price of heating oil tends to follow the crude oil price trend but there is often a time lag.
Both graphs show the preceding 6 months.

Crude Oil Prices from Infomine

6 Month Crude Oil Prices - Crude Oil Price Chart