Sweet Chestnut Blight

South West e-alert:
In response to an outbreak of sweet chestnut blight, UK plant health authorities have introduced a prohibition on the movement of sweet chestnut and oak material within specific areas in Devon. The Forestry Commission and APHA are working closely together to carry out tracing activity, inspecting sweet chestnut trees at other sites which may lead to more zones being established. Further advice may follow should this be necessary.
For full details including how to identify the blight please see http://www.forestry.gov.uk/chestnutblight
(Original information courtesy of Stockland Parish Council)
To report suspected symptoms use the Forestry Commission’s Tree Alert disease reporting tool at https://www.forestry.gov.uk/treealert

"Chestnut blight does not pose any risk to people, pets or livestock, and is only known to seriously affect sweet chestnut (Castanea) species. It does not affect horse chestnut (Aesculus) species".

Update: The blight has also been detected in east London

Zones in force since 12th May 2017.

1. Starcross/Kenton (South Devon)
2. Near Georgeham (North Devon)
3. Willand near Cullompton (Mid Devon)
4. Over Compton (Between Yeovil and Sherborne, Dorset)
5 - Lifton and St Giles on the Heath (Devon)
6 - Nr Bratton Clovelly ( Devon)

The SIX Plant Health (Sweet Chestnut Blight) Orders currently in force can be found at
these give details about the restrictions and maps of affected areas